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Product Updates

  • Product Updates

    Building Complexes

    Some of you may have noticed this nice edition to the OLR Platform over the past few months.  The Building Complex component offers users the ability to dynamically search for all available listings (sale or rental) in a particularly complex that has more than one building.  A perfect example of this tool would be if you were pitching or searching for an apartment in Lincoln Towers, the platform would allow you to bring up available apartments in all of the buildings associated with Lincoln Towers with just a single click..  You would not have to take the extra steps of adding a “Building Grouping” to your saved searches.  It is both a Time Saver and  a Life Saver.  We are designating these “complexes” daily.  So if you know of one that we have yet to designate, please email us at info@olr.com.   Other examples of a “complex” might include a row of townhouse rentals such as the Solow Townhouses on East 67th Street or London Terrace in Chelsea.

  • Product Updates

    Lots of New Pages – Great new User Interface (UI)

    We continue to move forward with an updated UI  The reception has been great and this is a major focus for our design team.  Unfortunately there is a lot of programming behind any new UI and even the most basic facelifts require weeks/months of development and new code.  In some cases our development team has rewritten the entire code behind a particular page.  The downside is that this takes time and resources.  The upside is that the technology behind the new code is updated and offers greater flexibility and speed.  Our current UI work is focused on a new interface for uploading MEDIA and a great looking Listing Page.  If there is anything that you would like to see integrated into any of the pages on OLR just send us an email.  Again,info@OLR.com is the best option.

  • Product Updates

    Real-Time Notifications

    If you haven’t utilized our new REAL-TIME Notification(RTN) push, shame on you.  The RTN tool allows you to receive real-time notifications on NEW LISTINGS via your mobile device.  Just change the setting on your mobile from “Nightly” to “IMMEDIATE:” and you will receive these notifications for your designated active clients.