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    Key Logger

    One of the really cool additions to our platform that we completed in the fourth quarter of 2017 is the Key Logger, an internal application that allows a company to manage the daily flow of building and apartment keys that are signed out by agents.  The Key Logger allows office administrators to manage a key system efficiently and seamlessly.   All keys, whether they are in the office or out with a showing agent, are logged at multiple levels so that communication between agents best allows them to plan their showings.  This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for any firm with multiple landlord relationships.

  • Services

    Website Development

    No single firm has developed more real estate sites for New York Real Estate Firms than OLR. In the world’s largest media market, OLR is the firm of choice for designing, maintaining and powering real estate web portals.

    We build sites for all size real estate firms and all different types of budgets. For those who want a stand-alone soup-to-nuts portal, we build custom sites. For those smaller firms, including start-ups, we can custom one of our templates to satisfy your business needs. All sites are linked to the OLR data platform and offer a single point of entry for your agents. Our building information, including elevation photos, policies and data are all available for license as well.

    The process of developing a real estate web site has many pratfalls. Our advice is to never go it alone. Even if you have the world’s greatest design, you may be working with a design that may never work in a real estate context. We’re here to help guide you through the process. While we maintain a full-time design department there is no getting around the fact that there are many options to the design process. The options, however, greatly narrow when it comes to tying that design to a real estate web site and a data platform. In such a case, we’re here to hold your hand and will take that design and build the programming behind it.

    The web site building process is a tiresome one with many detours and too many participants. OLR adds a level of calm to the process while taking the back-end development out of your hands completely.

  • Product Updates

    Lots of New Pages – Great new User Interface (UI)

    We continue to move forward with an updated UI  The reception has been great and this is a major focus for our design team.  Unfortunately there is a lot of programming behind any new UI and even the most basic facelifts require weeks/months of development and new code.  In some cases our development team has rewritten the entire code behind a particular page.  The downside is that this takes time and resources.  The upside is that the technology behind the new code is updated and offers greater flexibility and speed.  Our current UI work is focused on a new interface for uploading MEDIA and a great looking Listing Page.  If there is anything that you would like to see integrated into any of the pages on OLR just send us an email.  Again,info@OLR.com is the best option.