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    Some of you have expressed disappointment when trying to contact us over the phone.  While we have two full-time support people, the calls can sometimes be overwhelming.  Support calls, or at least those over the phone, can often take from 15-30 minutes.  Our best suggestion is to departmentalize your questions or issues when contacting OLR.  Each department has its own email box and phone extension. OLR also has a significant Knowledge Base of questions and answers on How-To-Use the platform.  This is accessible via the Support drop-down menu once you have logged into OLR.  We also suggest that everyone attend one or more support Training Classes.  OLR offers weekly basic training for beginners as well as advanced sessions on individual components of OLR.  These classes are offered in our Training Room at 75 Broad Street or online via our Webinar service.   If you would like to contact us via email, our various email boxes include:  “support@olr.com, ” “listings@olr.com,” “photos@olr.com,” “floorplans@olr.com,” “sales@olr.com,” and for just general questions, “info@olr.com.”

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